Why You Need It, How To Get It Done, What Does It Cost

Why Do You Need To Calibrate Your Gages?

  • The best reason to have an effective gage verification program is to save money. Gages provide definition to your operation. What material do you use and what do you scrap. What material must be added to renew a contour. These are all money decisions that a profit driven organization should want to control. A non-conforming gage can be costly, sending good material to the scrap pile and junk to your best customer. Bottom line is that when you control your gages, you have taken a major step toward controlling your process and costs.

How Do You Get It Done?

  • Send them to Winchester Industries, Inc.

  • Securely package the gages that need to be calibrated. Include with the shipment a packing slip which lists all included gages. Include full contact information such as name of company, contact within the company and shipping address. Purchase Order information will be required before return shipment is made.

  • Ship gages to:

    Winchester Industries, Inc.

    106 John G. Groppo Drive

    Winsted, CT 06098  USA

  • Shipping Gages to Winchester for Recalibration - From Mexico and Canada  [view]

What Does It Cost?

  • Certification Charge: $25.00 per gage

  • Turn Around Time: Usually 24-48 hours

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